Member Name: Leonie Fitzgerald

Website: http://www.wealthology.com.au

Business Industry: Finance

At Wealthology we’re huge advocates for financial freedom, have an unquenchable thirst for self-education and love to inspire and empower.

We are property investment specialists and enjoy helping other humans grow their wealth by challenging them to think differently so they can focus on progressive solutions, rather than problems.

Behaving in the same way as previous generations, sadly, just isn’t going to give us the financial results we want. So we need to innovate our thinking, it is viscerally part of the human experience to try to do things better.

We all know that you can make decisions that change your life in an instant and history shows that our future choices are a direct result of the decisions we make today.

The lack of entrepreneurs in a good financial position is something we want addressed, and we believe it is up to us, as a collective, to pioneer new ways and be leaders in these unchartered waters.

We have the power to take control of our financial futures and apply some fresh thinking. Here at Wealthology we want to tap in to the hopes and aspirations of fellow entrepreneurs and significantly alter the way we all retire, allowing us to feel completely free. Giving you peace of mind for the rest of your life…no matter what life throws at you.

We help clients Australia wide and offer a fully mobile service in our hometown of Brisbane, helping our clients tap in to a better way to alter the way they will retire.

We’ve been known to do business sitting on a milk crate in an air-conditioned shipping container in the bush, in the business class lounge at the airport and even from the back seat of ’67 mustang driving around seeing the sights of Brisbane on the way to a luxury dinner at the Sofitel Hotel. When we say we’re fully mobile, we mean it!

We invite you to grow your wealth and thrive in your financial success. We look forward to connecting with you.

Location: Brisbane

State: QLD

Phone Number : 0423 465 038