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Member Name: Ashley Freeman

Business Name: The Aurum Collective


Business Industry: Fashion

The Aurum Collective is committed to positively influencing how women feel about themselves. Our collections are designed to empower women to feel confident, strong and feminine.

As a producer in the fashion industry, we are conscious of striving for superior quality, not just in the garments we create, but in the lives of the people who make our designs. That is why we choose to manufacture ethically in Australia.

Starting with the idea to create a sophisticated collection of heirloom quality workwear staples that help make women feel powerful, the evolution of The Aurum Collective style has been a carefully considered process. Our signature tailored pieces are informed by high-end sophistication, versatility and ease. We are constantly perfecting our processes in pursuit of the ultimate women’s power suit, which can seamlessly transition from the desk to dinner.

Founder and Creative Director, Ashley Freeman, was exposed to the fashion industry from a young age. The daughter of a seamstress, Ashley’s family home doubled as a design studio. Instead of pursuing a career in fashion, Ashley first entered the corporate arena as a litigation lawyer. Living in suits, she was consistently disappointed with the lack of beautiful and functional designs available to young professional women. And from her frustration, The Aurum Collective was born.

Since the launch of The Aurum Collective in April this year, the label has attracted high-profile publicity and a loyal following. From featuring on Australia’s national television program ‘Everyday Innovators’ to landing on the cover of an international fashion magazine, The Aurum Collective has received remarkable support from industry tastemakers and professional women alike. If you would like to be involved in the journey and have your say in future collections, please contact us at

Location: Australia

State: QLD