Tahli Watts

City: Melbourne

Business: Golden Grind

What? Health brand focused on celebrating the benefits of turmeric by bringing to life, genuine health and beauty products


1.     How did the idea for your business first come about?
We had a family, health cafe that was selling turmeric lattes. After doing lots of research around the benefits of turmeric, we decided there was so much potential for this spice in the Western World. Hence, we decided to take "golden lattes" to the rest of the world.

2.     When did you have a ‘f*ck-it moment’ and decide you were going to go all in and start your business
From the beginning, we (the 3 founders- Sage, Renwick and Myself) were all super excited about our idea and really went super hard from the beginning. It was about 9 months in, that we decided someone needed to come full time into the business and I suppose this was our "f*ck-it" moment. I quit my job and have dedicated the past 6 months full time to Golden Grind.

3. What were some major challenges you had when starting your business? And how did you overcome them? 
Cash flow - Probably by being wise with what to spend money on, and  deciding what to do yourself/what can wait for later. We also had to personally inject cash to help deal with this.
Branding and Messaging – Know your "why" and stay true to your beliefs. Staying true to the reason why you started the business, and then figuring out how to get these messages across clearly.

3.     What has been your biggest “pinch me” moment?
It’s all been such a roller coaster that I would say, initially, we didn't have a pinch-me moment. Instead we have had to remember to stop, give thanks, be grateful, and smell the roses along the way, remember to celebrate even the smallest wins.

4.     Starting a business can be gruelling -what keeps you motivated, and keeps you going?
Surprisingly, this has been super easy for us. Because we honestly believe in what we are trying to achieve, we believe in our products, we have a huge desire to work for ourselves. As much as it can suck, competitors certainly keep us motivated.
Also, being organised and having a clear vision really helps you not get overwhelmed and deflated.

5.     What do you do to create a work-life balance?
We are fortunate that discipline is what balance really requires. So it's easy to structure your day to include a bit of everything important.
But sometimes, reminders like simple quotes such as "this too shall pass" will help remind you that situations are only temporary and that we are doing our best in the current moment, and that's okay.
Certainly work hard, but remember, we don't need to conquer it all today.