Simone Eyles

City: Wagga Wagga

Business: 365cupsWorking Spaces HQ

What: 365cups - order, pickup and GO! // Working Spaces HQ - the first of many co-working spaces across regional Oz

What was the catalyst for you launching your business?

365cups started as an idea. I thought,  “wouldn’t it be cool to order coffee from your phone“, and the rest is history. It seems lots of people where thinking the same thing!

My other business is Working Spaces HQ,  a co-working space in Wagga. With 365cups, we started while we still had jobs. We later quit our jobs and worked from a granny flat, and finally into an “office”. I really wanted to have a shop front/retail space with foot traffic, where people could just ‘pop in’ to say hello. Lots of people popped in to tell us about their App idea, or to ask if they could have meetings in our space, so it just seemed a natural progression to open a co-working space.

What do you love most about what you do now?

The people. At first I thought it was all about the end user, and it is, but my true passion and my true ‘why‘ is to help people use tech to make their life easier. From ordering ahead from 365cups, or our clients being able to reach more customers by extending their service beyond their front doors, hooking people up with someone in my network about starting a business or developing an App idea. The icing on top of all that is working with regional Australia and leading the way of breaking down those stereotypes, because with tech and the internet we are no longer geographically isolated.

Describe the biggest setback you faced when establishing your business? How did it affect you and how did you push through?

Lots of set backs I can laugh about now, but at the time I was seriously freaking out. Like the time we flew interstate, got off the plane, and had 40 minutes to get to our meeting when the whole system was down! Or competitors playing silly buggers with us, but because we have all your IP sorted, it backfired on them.

You will always have setbacks or challenges, its part of the journey. You deal with it, learn from it, and move on.

Everyone has days where they feel flat or uninspired - do you have any tricks or tactics for overcoming these feelings?


I work all over the place, and at crazy times. When you are over worked and overloaded your resilience begins to waiver, so you need to unplug and take time out. Take a break for a day or week, and if you can’t do that, get your shoes on and go walk on some grass or the sand. Look up to the sky and watch the clouds. It might sound a bit too warm and fuzzy, but give yourself space to unplug and put things into perspective. The world wont stop if you take time out, and time out for 15 minutes or a day could be all you need to get back on track.

What has been your most effective marketing tactic or strategy?

An incredible woman once told me to always tell a story. So ever since I have told stories, and for a while, not many people where interested in them. But I kept telling them, and now I get media requests all the time. It’s nice when the media comes to you, instead of you hustling them. But don’t get me wrong, it took years to get that cut through, and we have a few key points we always bang on about: being regional, always talking about our milestones, putting ourselves out there and entering awards.

Oh and the time I practically jumped on Sir Richard Branson to get 5 minutes with him and a selfie, but thats a story for another day – if you see me ask me about it 

What is the most courageous thing you've done in business?

When we started I was very bold and hounded some very important and very very busy people to meet with me. After some serious creative stalking, I got some time with these people and they shared some of their tips with me. When I look back on that I can’t believe I did it, but it worked.

However, I wouldn’t recommend you stalk people (lols). As much as I asked, I always felt it was very important to give back. Sometimes the thrill is in the chase, and I was always grateful for their time and every bit of advice I was given I have implemented and paid it forward.

I remember Ruslan Kogan (who I got to come to Wagga :)) telling a story about a guy who hassled him for ages for coffee, to share his idea and get some advice. Eventually Ruslan met with him, and a few months later Ruslan saw him again and asked how he was going, and he was like “yeah I didn’t do anything”. Don’t ask someone like Ruslan Kogan for advice then not follow through –  not cool!

Words of Wisdom / Personal Quote


Do what you can RIGHT NOW, where you are, with what you have. It really is as easy as that.