Sammie Bradbury

City: Melbourne

Business: The Giver & Co.

What: a melbourne made premium lifestyle brand that empowers women to be all woman and effortlessly fierce with flatteringly comfortable wrap dresses. 

What was the catalyst for you launching your business?

My journey to creating The Giver & Co was one of seeking out a solution to my frustrations around buying dresses that fit my hourglass body shape. I found it hard to find dresses that fit my small waist but flattered my booty and bust.

So after a bit of research and a few months of watching Foxtel, I found the DVF Wrap dress. I wanted one so badly that I looked into buying one. To many horror, the price tag was around $600AUD. After a moment of thought, I realised that if I found the original pattern I would be able to make the dress.

I made a few changes to the original pattern, and after making my first dress, I found that many of my girl friends wanted one too! This demand for a product I loved encouraged me to make a wrap dress focused business.

What do you love most about what you do now?

I love the challenge of growth. Most of the day I feel like an overwhelmed zombie trying to compute the growth and demand for my humble little dress.

I also love the networking that is available to entrepreneurs- I’ve never been around so many encouraging and inspirational women.

Describe the biggest setback you faced when establishing your business? How did it affect you and how did you push through?

The biggest set back for me has been the lack of time I’ve had to invest in building my business. For the first year of the business I’ve had to make dresses in my recreational time. I’ve had to make the hard decision to quit my full time job in favour of a part time role, so I can focus on building my business to its full potential.

Everyone has days where they feel flat or uninspired - do you have any tricks or tactics for overcoming these feelings?

I find that wine and music are great ways to re-inflate my flat soul.

I think that if you spend some time pepping yourself up with some music, a glass of vino and a touch of red lippy, then you’ll feel 100 times better .

What has been your most effective marketing tactic or strategy?

I have a lean marketing model I use to challenge myself to get value from any marking initiative. I have recently asked a fitness mum to wear and post about my dress and the post was highly successful due to her following.

What is the most courageous thing you've done in business?

Ekkkkkk, letting control of the production of dresses has been a big challenge for me!

I was the stubborn and strong willed child in my family, so letting go of areas of the business that other people can do better than me causes for courage most days.

Words of Wisdom / Personal Quote

I love the words of Jim Elliot, a missionary to Central American indians. He said, ” Where ever you are, be all there. Live to the hit of every situation you believe to be the will of God’ . Im not an overly spiritual person, but I appreciate the drive and passion behind his quote and life.