Sheryl Thai

CEO & Co-Founder League of Extraordinary women

At 8 years old, my parents asked me, "What do you want to do when you grow up?", I instinctively replied "I want to change the world".  

I started my work life as an IT Management Consultant - where I felt my soul was slowly getting sucked out of me. Baking cupcakes was the only thing that kept me feeling alive. And so the Universe decided to give me that fateful push and I lost my job during the GFC. In 2010, Cupcake Central hatched! My dream had come true and became the catalyst to co-founding League of Extraordinary Women as the entrepreneurial journey was isolating and tough.

My mission in life is still to change the world and I believe I was born to connect as many extraordinary women as possible, all over the world, so that we can we never have to feel lonely following our dreams. #hatchthatdream


Caitlin O'Farrell

Events and Marketing Coordinator

Gypsy. Party starter. MUD lover.

Starting her career in the corporate world, Caitlin was uninspired and found herself seeking more. Having travelled to most parts of the world (because you know, #findyourself) this world traveller is always exploring new opportunities.
She’s passionate about business, and all things female empowerment. The future is female, after all.
What does she want to do? To make an impact.
The League is what keeps her hungry for more, and pushes her to make that difference. 
She loves to connect and meet others, and you’ll usually find her at the bar, ordering an amaretto sour. (olè!)

P.S she’s also the girl boss, co-founder, and Director of MUD - an Australian Health and Beauty company.


Tara Howell

launceston Ambassador

Tara holds the role of Director - Brand and Marketing at S. Group, a multidisciplinary creative agency. A passionate promoter of Tasmania, Tara, is also one of the Founders and Directors Blue Derby Pods Ride - a mountain biking experience based from unique, exclusive accommodation within the Blue Derby network at Derby, Tasmania.

Energetic, bold and creative are common descriptors of Tara’s modus operandi. Take these traits, combine them with above-average levels of motivation, and ample but measured sass, and you’ve got a lady with an inclination for success.


Jen Murnaghan

HOBART Ambassador

With nearly 20 years in marketing and creative production, beginning in Dublin, and moving to London, Sydney and now Hobart, Jen established her digital marketing agency,  Digital Dandy, to support local businesses who are looking to augment their voice online.

From the European Commission in Dublin to the Sydney Olympic Games, Jen has gleaned a wealth of knowledge working alongside media outlets, graphic designers, printmakers and editorial teams to deliver a range of services to her clients, from digital coaching to strategic marketing and social media management


Kate Cashman

HOBART Ambassador

Kate Cashman from The Breath Between is a rest and renewal coach, academic, writer and speaker. With a background in legal academia and a PhD in evidence law and forensic criminology,
Kate finds balance and passion in teaching, research, writing and coaching. 

She is a passionate Tasmanian, a mother to two small children and wife to a serial entrepreneur - it was only a matter of time until she joined him in attempting to create change in the world through entrepreneurship.


Chelsea Murphy

BRISBANE Ambassador

Serial plant killer. Flats enthusiast. Chai lover. Creator of Cash. Founder of PlayBook. Mother of two. Passionate about connecting like-minded people and also supporting women to understand and love their money. A big fan of podcasts, conferences, workshops and reading something that will inspire me, in life or work. Working on cutting out sugar and exercising again (it seems like a legit reason to live in activewear). Appreciator of wild blooms, beautiful design, natural skincare and brunch. Pharrell’s “Happy” makes me happy. My only regret in life? That I didn’t create Pinterest. Always dreaming of a beach holiday with my little family (and being a better plant-mum).



Induwa Carolyn Cummings

Gold Coast Ambassador

Passionate about people, our planet and making a difference. 

I’m committed to making a difference in the working world about how companies look at engaging workers, the hours, the locations and all those other crazy paradigms we have around the workplace.  We should all be loving what we do!  After 5 years of working in a very male dominated industry I am loving connecting with women through my Ambassador role with The League….  Although not quite as much as I love the ocean;)  hence why I live at the stunning Gold Coast.  I have also been known to have a weakness for gluten sugar dairy free desserts disguised as health food. 

Connect with Induwa.


Prue Aja

Melbourne Ambassador

Prue Aja is a portrait and lifestyle photographer specialising in working with companies that are influencing a positive impact in the world. With over a decade or experience in building and growing, and selling businesses, she works with her clients to design photoshoots that bring the vision of the brand to life.
When she is not shooting locally in Australia, she travels to all corners of the globe to connect with people from all walks of life to share her skills and keep the flame of inspiration alive inside.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-10 at 2.04.26 PM.jpeg

Jess Williamson

PERTH Ambassador

Jess is the founder & Owner of Ete Swimwear, a brand for Feminine Adventurers like herself. With no formal design training she set out to create Ete Swimwear in Feb 2016.  Just one week after launching she was invited to showcase at New York Fashion Week, and since then Ete has continued to grow a strong online community.
Jess has always loved the beach and summer lifestyle so she set out to design swimwear that was as comfortable to wear as it was beautiful, for a community of go getters and adventure seekers. Once she decided this was what she wanted to do, there was no stopping her.





Liz Atkinson-Volpe

Co-founder League of Extraordinary Women
Founder of Project Gen Z

Big heart. Extraordinary vision. Boundless energy.

Motivating people is her thing and when she's not looking after her two gorgeous kids, growing businesses and changing the world (basically, being a real-life superwoman!) she also mentors people to reach a potential they've never thought possible.

After a life-changing trip to Cambodia a few years ago, she saw the potential in the young people there. She thought, raising donations is one thing - but how can we change their lives like they have mine? So she got a team of successful entrepreneurs and together they launched the dare to dream entrepreneurial workshop series to over 100 disadvantaged youths at Sunrise Cambodia.  The results were profound as these students that have been through tough childhoods felt for the first time - they were allowed to dream the impossible. A few of the students even started their own businesses!

Reach Liz here.

(Written by her co-founder and one of her "five", Sheryl)


Sarah Riegelhuth

Co-Founder League of Extraordinary Women
Co-Founder of WeaLth Enhancers and GROW MY TEAM

Nomadic entrepreneur that can run multiple companies from anywhere in the world. You'll literally need to follow her Instagram to figure out which country she's in - even if you're her BFF. Not afraid to tell you that she's Vegan every other day and is an animal lover.

She makes numbers and managing money look easy. She can walk into a room and light it up, make you feel that you can do anything. She's also chill about having published a cool book Get Rich Slow a book everyone needs to read.

(Also written by her co-founder and one of her "five", Sheryl)