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Laura Roodhouse


Business: Eight Elements

What? A creative Event Management and Experiential agency bringing visions to life.


How did the idea for your business first come about?
After working in the event and marketing space for some years, I saw an opportunity in the industry to create very tailored, one-of-a-kind events and brand activations that have a creative twist, and fully immerse guests.

When did you have a ‘f*ck-it moment’ and decide you were going to go all-in and start your business?
When in my previous full-time role, I started to realise that I was looking at all aspects of my job as if I was the business owner. I was just about to go on a trip to Alaska and Mexico, when I literally woke up one morning and felt inspired to resign from my cushy full-time position to create something new for myself.

It is crazy, once I jumped into Eight Elements, it was almost a sense of relief and a feeling of purpose. I knew that owning the business and creating something new was exactly what I was meant to do.

What were some major challenges you had when starting your business? And how did you overcome them?
Starting a business means wearing all the hats. You’re an accountant, IT wiz, marketer, receptionist, and most importantly the face of the brand. It is certainly hard to juggle all these things at once, especially when you’re not used to it.

I found it valuable to outsource some of these tasks to use my time effectively and focus on growing the business.

What has been your biggest “pinch me” moment?
It was definitely a “pinch me” moment when I won my first client, which happened to be an International fashion house. When I first saw the email, I needed to check with my family that I was reading it correctly.

Starting a business can be gruelling - what keeps you motivated, and keeps you going?
People are what keep me motivated. We all need people-to-people connection and real relationships to continue to learn and grow. I continue to feel so inspired by the people I meet, no matter their industry.

How do you create a work-life balance?
At the start of the week I organise both my work and personal schedule. I block out times to do at least three Pilates classes a week and catch up with my nearest and dearest over a Pinot. While my days can often be longer, this time out makes me more productive, and keeps me sane during crazy busy times.