Member Name: Carol Noonan

Business Name: Focus CFO


Business Industry: Finance

I help Business Owners create a framework in their business to have a clear picture of how their business is performing financially and more importantly, how that picture now impacts where their business is going in the future. I provide CFO services for a fraction of the cost, partnering with your business to help you make more informed business decisions. I help create a framework within your business, whereby you receive regular monthly financial performance reporting, comparing last year performance with commentary and analysis as to how you are performing. More importantly, I create with you a forecast of where you want that business to go, incorporate these plans on a regular monthly basis also, so you can clearly and quickly see how you are actually tracking compared with this. I help create an efficient finance team within your business that suits your business and enables you to grow and see your performance quickly and efficiently so you get to make better business decisions that will drive better bottom line.

Location: Melbourne

State: VIC

Phone Number : 0411200544