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MELB // LET'S GET DIGITAL - Social, SEO & Podcasting Workshop

  • WeWork 120 Spencer Street Melbourne Australia (map)

"It's just TOO LATE to gain more followers on Instagram"

"You NEED TO SPEND thousands of $$ on SEO to make it worthwhile"

"It's TOO HARD to start up a podcast"

Have you been telling yourself these little fibs? That's okay, like any area that you're not yet an expert in, it can feel too hard, too scary and too risky.

We’re here to connect you to the right women that are here to show you that thinking is all a LIE and there is a way to make it work.

And to be honest, after all of our meet ups we’ve run covering social media and digital topics - we just kept getting the feedback: "WE NEED TO KNOW MORE!"

So we're diving deep...real deep to get that good practical stuff.

This is not boring classroom content that is outdated and irrelevant, cos you know things change by the month in Social land. This is real life super-intelligent "I know my shit" women straight up sharing what they know works. They've implemented it in their business or in multi-million dollar companies. They’re experts and we don’t use that term lightly.

So...if you want to know how to get the most out of the digital space, learn strategies and tips from people who have done it and slayed it. Then, Let’s Get Digital.