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Launceston // RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN : Challenge Your Negative Thinking

  • Saint John Craft Beer Saint John Street South Launceston, TAS, 7249 Australia (map)


Our internal chit chat can hinder us in so many ways. Zap energy, distract us, create doubt and prevent us from tackling challenges. Learn the science behind how your mind works to keep these loops happening. More importantly, learn a powerful and effective mind training tool to change negative thinking. Experience group hypnotherapy to create a neurological pathway of how you want to be; confident, calm, in control.



During 2014 Teresa reached a point where she felt lost, flat and confused with where she was going in life. To find some answers she went off and completed a Diploma of Modern Psychology. She was interested in the mind training techniques the course offered. She was skeptical of hypnotherapy and didn't think it would work. At the end of the course, Teresa was more than just pleasantly surprised. She felt armed with tools and techniques she wanted to share with the people of Tasmania to lift their own lives. Get out of the rut once and for all. Create a life where you are actually fulfilled, energised and excited.