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MELBOURNE - Reflect, Release, Realign, Recharge with Julie-Anne Black

  • 167 Cremorne Street Cremorne VIC Australia (map)

WHAT: Interactive session with guest speaker with Q&A at the end

WHERE:  MYOB | 167 Cremorne Street, Cremorne VIC 3121

WHEN: Tuesday, 29th January 2019

TIME: 6.00pm (with a 6.30pm start) to 8.30pm

TOPIC // Reflect, Release, Realign, Recharge with Julie-Anne Black

2019 is finally here. Do you feel as if each year starts full of hope, excitement and promises? Resolutions that fall to the wayside a few months in, if not a few weeks in? Have you ever wondered why it feels so tough to follow through with something and your resistance to change?

We all have aspirations and dreams that we want to pursue and with a fresh year starting, it's a nice lil motivation for us to finally buckle down and work towards them.

Our guest speaker for the night will be sharing her incredible journey on how she was able to change gears and follow her intuition to finally create her life into the tv show she's always dreamed of. As a TV producer of well-known Australian shows, she was always run off her feet building other people's tv shows - bringing them to life but in doing that she was neglecting her own "tv show" of life. So it's very fitting as we have Julie-Anne share with us her journey and her knowledge on how to reflect, release, refocus and recharge each year to make 2019 the best year of your entire life!

GUEST SPEAKER // Julie-Anne Black

Julie-Anne Black, International Speaker, Author, Creator of Be Brilliant Now, asks the question, “If your life was a TV show, would you watch it?”

A self-expressed Joy Advocate, Julie-Anne helps you escape Groundhog Day, direct your future and be the star of your life. Her fresh approach shows you how to write your hero’s journey so you can make a massive difference sharing your best with the world.

She says, “The dastardliest villain of all is being your own arch nemesis. Too many of us have a BIG dream, then sabotage our future success – instead of being bold, brave and brilliant right NOW.”

No-one exudes raw charm, insight and infectious enthusiasm quite like Julie-Anne. Her entertaining storytelling combines secrets she learnt as an accomplished TV producer (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire) with her expertise as an internationally accredited mindset, body language and NLP Trainer.

Julie-Anne has worked with some of Australia's top entrepreneurs to assist them break through their limiting beliefs and destroy self-sabotage behaviours. It is with great pleasure that we invite her to speak at our first League meetup for 2019!

To make the night extremely interactive we have included two questions for you to complete as you register for this event.

1. How was 2018 for you?

2. What are your aspirations for 2019?


MYOB | 167 Cremorne Street, Cremorne VIC 3121

700m from Richmond Station