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HOBART - Let's Talk: Social Media

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WHAT: Let's Talk

WHERE: WOTSO Workspace - 162 Macquarie Street Hobart

WHEN: Tuesday, 13th February 2018

TIME: 6.30pm - 8.30pm

TOPIC // Let's Talk: Social Media

2018 is the year of the Social Media Mover and Shaker. With so many changes to the algorithms, social feeds and advertising - it's time to get ahead of the curve and make 2018 the year you conquer social.


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Jen Murnaghan - Founder, Digital Dandy

With nearly 20 years in marketing and creative production, beginning in Dublin, and moving to London, Sydney and now Hobart, Jen established her digital marketing agency to support local businesses who are looking to augment their voice online.

From the European Commission in Dublin to the Sydney Olympic Games, Jen has gleaned a wealth of knowledge working alongside media outlets, graphic designers, printmakers and editorial teams to deliver a range of services to her clients, from digital coaching to strategic marketing and social media management.

Digital Dandy is genuinely passionate about the power of good communication and has worked with non-profit organisations, film festivals, TV productions and major financial corporations across Australia and overseas. 



If you’re a female entrepreneur, have a side hustle, or you're thinking of owning your own business, this Meet Up is the perfect setting to meet other women in the same boat. This is not a networking group – we’re here to have real conversations and connections.

What do we mean by real? Well you know when you walk into a room and feel welcome even when you don’t know anyone? Or when you share experiences with someone and they say “me too!”? How about when you share tough times with someone and they don’t try to give you advice to fix it but rather they just get you. This is what happens at League of Extraordinary Women Meet Ups.



SOME RULES we’d like to point out.

1) Tickets are $25 (+booking fee), or free for League members. Now, it goes without saying that the free tickets are for League Members only – we don’t want to be the door biatch that makes you pay $20 on the night if you’re not a member or turn you away. For us, we just want to make sure that it’s just fair on everybody. So please only select that ticket if you are a paying League Member – if you’re not then you can join here, or just purchase a ticket.

2) Please only register for this event if you plan on going. I know some people will grab a free ticket and last minute decide they’re too lazy to go – don’t be one of these people. If you commit to something, commit to it - we want to meet you!

3) If you’ve never been to a League event, there’s a reason why we don’t use the “N” word and we use the word “connecting” and that’s because of the negative connotation of soliciting, selling and business card swapping. Bleh, no one wants to go to an event to talk to someone for 20 minutes only to realise you’re being sucked into buying some powdered thick shakes. We are here to connect authentically and honestly – share stories and experiences, learn from each other and respect each other. Magical things WILL happen and people will seek you out to buy from you when you work from an honest heart space.

Later Event: 26 February