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GOLD COAST - How to Build Movements

  • Gold Coast Innovation Hub 36 Laver Drive Robina, QLD, 4226 Australia (map)
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WHERE: Gold Coast Innovation Hub

WHEN: Wednesday, 28th November 2018

TIME: 5.30PM - 8.30PM

TOPIC // How to Build Movements

We are back with an amazing new Panel Speaker event for the League of Extraordinary Women. We are in for a real treat this Wednesday night! We have the honour to welcome three amazing key Gold Coast Female Connecting Influencers as our Panel Speakers.

These ladies will share their Entrepreneurial Secrets with you and will explain why they value CONNECTING much more than your standard 'Here-is-my-business-card' networking approach. These ladies created very powerful movements of Daring & Disruptive Women - like you and I, who come together to connect and support one another.

Don't miss out on hearing from these amazing women! Bring any questions that will help you with your Female Empowerment and Entrepreneurial journey too. We can't wait to have another wonderful night connecting with our like-minded Extraordinary Women Tribe - don't forget to bring your Extraordinary Girlfriends too. #sharingiscaring

We are welcomed at the brand new Gold Coast Innovation Hub. Let by a team of Power Women, the newest Co-Working Space of the Gold Coast will have a $3bil impact and will create >1000 jobs over the next few years.



Alana Arvanitis - Founder & Leading Self-Love Ambassador

Alana Arvanitis is a blend of creativity, a passionate lover of life, an intuitive self-love coach and the creator of The Self-Love Movement. Alana facilitates events which inspire, empower and support women with the devotion to Self-Love.

Through her own life adversities and the tight grip society had placed on her as a growing teen, she was forced to take the journey of Self-Discovery. “I hit rock bottom, in the darkness of sadness & grief, pushing my body to the extreme just in order to survive. Then, I collapsed; I had nothing, nothing to give myself or anyone around me. My only choice was – me. And I chose the path of self-love, happiness, freedom and purpose.” From the day she realised that this was her only option for personal success, Alana began to see the true power of Self-Love, the inkling of magic that knocked on her door and filled her life with abundance, opportunities and immeasurable love.

The more Alana chose herself, the more she unlocked the infinite gifts she had to offer the world. “If you don’t go within, you go without.” Her deep passion for people and teaching led her to the creation of The Self-Love Movement, a social movement dedicated to the power of Self-Love, connection, inspiration and empowerment and support.


Emma Parsons - Founder of The Life Architect Movement

“Once you have the right mindset, your possibilities are endless!”

Emma is the founder of The Life Architect Academy and is known as The Life Architect.

Helping women make a permanent change in their life and to stop dealing with the ‘fluff’. This allows them to stop self-sabotage and grow their business with ease.

Emma is passionate about empowering women to unlock their full potential and build the life the want by

ï Understand and Clear the emotional blocks that are keeping them stuck.

ï Discover the stories that are holding them back, and work on rewriting them.

ï Clarify what’s important for them and stay focused.

ï Deal with triggers and resistance when they pop up.

Emma moved to Brisbane 6 years ago with her husband and 3 children. Within 18 months of being here her husband had an affair and so the divorce proceeding started. She is now the happiest she has ever been with her 3 beautiful children.

Before leaving the UK Emma had worked as a Project Manager in the Construction industry and has had her own business for the past 5 years here in Australia.

As a mindset coach & mentor, Emma believes that it’s not the strategy that is going to make you successful, but YOUR mindset behind the strategy that’s going to release your full potential.


Susanne Ridolfi - Director BodyDynamics and Founder of the FEMALE Entrepreneurs Meetup

Susanne is Swedish and has been involved in Oriental Medicine for over 30 years. She started her career as a physical education teacher and was one of the top twenty Swedish gymnasts during her teenage years. She has also trained in dance, worked as a fitness instructor, and coached gymnastics teams. Her educational background also includes university studies in psychology and sociology.

Following her interest in alternative therapies, Susanne has trained in ShiatsuDo, Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Do-In. She is also a certified ARENA Team Development trainer, a Cranio-Sacral therapist and has extensive experience in the area of management, team training coaches in Listening and Communication skills.

In 1989, she became Co-Principal of the British School of Shiatsu-Do based in London. Together with her husband, Ray, she set up a network of franchises throughout UK and travelled across Europe to teach and lecture in the areas of Shiatsu, health and wellbeing. During this time she established her company ‘BodyDynamics’ to promote health and wellbeing education and technologies.

In 2002 Susanne moved to Australia with her family and they now live in Palm Beach on the Gold Coast where she operates her wellness business, BodyDynamics (Aust), and is dedicated to supporting ordinary people create extraordinary lives for themselves and their families.

She is the founder of FEMALE Entrepreneurs MeetUp group, a networking community based on the Gold Coast. A wonderful ‘hang out’ for entrepreneurial women, where thought provoking, mind-expanding conversation happen and long lasting relationships can ‘actualise’.

Susanne is passionate about raising awareness around holistic health and wellbeing, as well as timing business cycles to nature.

Susanne is the author of several acclaimed books:

‘Shiatsu For Women’ (co-author with Ray Ridolfi)
‘Guide to Natural Therapies’ (author of chapters on Shiatsu and Do-In)
‘The New Life Library, Shiatsu ‘(author) and
‘Shiatsu for Health and Well-Being’ (author)

Susanne is on a mission to share her 30+ years of health and wellbeing experience in supporting women to find true health and balance in life. She wants to support women to love themselves, love their body and love life. Susanne chooses to be happy, healthy and wealthy in all that she does – it is her lifestyle choice. She wants to teach others to do the same!


If you’re a female entrepreneur or thinking of owning your own business, this Meet Up is the perfect setting to meet other women in the same boat. This is not a networking group – we’re here to have real conversations and make real connections.

What do we mean by real? Well you know when you walk into a room and feel welcome even when you don’t know anyone? Or when you share experiences with someone and they say “me too!”? How about when you share tough times with someone and they don’t try to give you the advice to fix it but rather - they just get you. This is what happens at League of Extraordinary Women Meet Ups.