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Courtney Ray

City: Melbourne/Sydney

Business: Daily Blooms

What: Online Florist


What was the catalyst for you launching your business?

Daily Blooms was inspired by a combination of events, mostly my upbringing on a farm and the circumstances I found myself in at the time I launched the business.

I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm near the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria. We had beautiful gardens and my mum always had fresh roses and other flowers in the house.

Fast forward to my adult/grown up life, I was living in a tiny apartment in St Kilda with no room for a garden, and I was working crazy hours looking at excel spreadsheets every day. I missed living with flowers and I felt like there must be other people in my predicament, so I decided to create a business that would make it quick, easy and affordable to enjoy blooms at work or home.

What do you love most about what you do now?

I have made my passion into my business. I now get to work with flowers very single day and I love it!

Describe the biggest setback you faced when establishing your business? How did it affect you and how did you push through?

The biggest challenge in starting my business also turned out to be the best thing for it. I started my business in February 2014 and got pregnant in March 2014.

As most of you would understand, starting a business is all consuming and exhausting. I would wake up each morning at 4am to get to the flower markets, I would spend the day making bouquets and processing orders, and then get home from work to spend my evenings responding to emails and customer queries.

It was absolutely exhausting, but at the same time all the hard work paid off. I was able to grown my business quickly and get some great staff to create the bouquets and manage the day to day running of the business so that when my little girl arrived in November, the business was self sufficient.

Making the business self sufficient gave me more time to focus on marketing and generating growth strategies, including setting up our new Sydney location in May this year.

Everyone has days where they feel flat or uninspired - do you have any tricks or tactics for overcoming these feelings?

<p>Yes, there are definitely days where things just don’t go according to plan. On those days, I try to think about everything I have achieved over the last 2 years, and try to look at things from a big picture perspective. <p>Starting a business is hard and building it is even harder, so I try to acknowledge that and reward myself for the little wins every day.

What has been your most effective marketing tactic or strategy?

<p>Social media has by far been my most powerful marketing tool. We post a photo each morning of the daily bouquet which means our customers can see what we are selling each day before they even hop out of bed.
<p>Through Instagram we have been able to collaborate with some amazing brands which has given our profile and brand awareness a great boost.

What is the most courageous thing you've done in business?

Expanding to Sydney!

Words of Wisdom / Personal Quote

Dream big!