Social Experiment - Part 3

In Part 1 - I asked the question “If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?”

In Part 2 - I asked “If you were given the chance to change this about yourself today, would you do it?”

If you answered YES, here’s Part 3.

This is where the real fun begins.

So let’s get started.

Here are the steps to real change and transformation:

  1. ACCEPTANCE // We need to fully accept who we are right at this moment, this minute, this second.

  2. GOOD INTENTIONS // List out all the ways you are a good person with good intentions. This reinforces that despite the trait/thing you want to change about yourself, you’re not a bad person because of it.

  3. LIES vs TRUTH // Write down every lie possible that you’ve been telling yourself about what it is that you want to change about yourself. The cross it out and write the truth. Expose the lies, embrace the truth.

  4. CREATE A DAILY AFFIRMATION // Write a new truth for yourself and make this your daily affirmation for the next 30 days. You will need to read this out every morning and every night. Stick it up on your wall.

Example, this was my one thing I wanted to change about myself:

  1. ACCEPTANCE// I accept that I can be a procrastinator at times and this is OKAY. I am still here, I am still alive.

  2. GOOD INTENTIONS// I am ultimately a good person because I know deep down that I want to make this world a better place. I do things that are hard because I want to make a difference. I believe in integrity and try to live my value to its fullest each day. I do charitable work because it’s what makes me feel like I’m contributing.

  3. LIES vs TRUTH// My lies are: I am a procrastinator. I am not a procrastinator - in fact, I do a lot of planning and am quite organised in some areas of my life. I always do things last minute. I don’t always do things last minute, I set my own deadlines and there have been times when I’ve finished work way ahead of schedule.

  4. DAILY AFFIRMATION: I create, I plan and I take action.

I’m a huge believer of putting pen to paper because there’s something magical that happens when you can’t hit delete or backspace. 

You stop censoring yourself. The filters disappear. Your true self appears. 

And that, my friends, is where we want to be playing if we want to create a life that’s extraordinary.

Tap the button below to get your free worksheet download. I’ll check back at the end of July to see how you all went.

Also post a comment below if you found this useful and want to see more practical worksheets/activities like this!

Stay Peachy,

Sheryl Thai, CEO
League of Extraordinary Women

Sheryl Thai