Do you do this annoying thing? This is how to stop it 😉


Has this happened to you before..

New friend: “Hi, how are you, what have you been up to lately?”

Me: “I’m great thanks, feeling refreshed as I had a short trip to Byron Bay last week. Weather was perfect, top notch food and…”

**cuts you off**

“Oh yeah! How amazing is that place? I go with my partner every year and…”

In the midst of telling an interesting story of how you went hang gliding over the cliff, they basically took over the whole conversation that you were excited to share. This person just robbed you of your story of glory. You might think, well that’s ruuuude, I don’t think I like them. This happens a lot more often than we think and the worst thing is, yes I’m going to say it. We could even be the culprit.

So, why does it happen? A few reasons.

  1. The need to impress

  2. Our competitive nature

  3. Eagerness to connect

Hopefully, we fall into the last category.

Being aware of how you’re interacting with others and providing an opportunity to allow for authentic and meaningful connections to develop.

How to stop being annoying and connect better

1. Acknowledge their story. Allow them to have their air time and feel good about it. Nod. Smile and genuinely listen. (sometimes harder than it sounds but you can do it)

2. Give them a compliment

“Whoaa, that sounds like the best trip! You’re so brave to go hang gliding.” There’s always an ability to pay a compliment. Okay, maybe if they tell you a story of how they had to get hernia fixed, it might be harder to do so but get creative and find the silver lining. 

3. Show interest.

If you’re genuinely interested, ask questions.

Then you may contribute.

Contribution is about adding value for others. Not robbing them of their great stories and energy. Contribute to build something greater for the both of you.

I often get asked why The League is different to every other female networking group or events out there and I truly believe it’s because we’ve created a culture to connect at a more real, authentic and meaningful way. The women that are attracted to The League are givers, they know that by passing on good energy will come back to them. Inspiration is what fuels our passion to stay alive but it is the support we receive from the select few we connect strongly with, that gives us what we need to pull through. This is why we don’t use the “N” word. It’s all about connection.

Our meet ups and conferences are encouraging and special, you just need to put yourself out there.

Let me know what you think about these tips or if you have just realised that you could be the annoying one! (I certainly admit to being that person when I’m TOO excited)

Stay Peachy,


Sheryl Thai, CEO 

League of Extraordinary Women