That one time I camped out overnight to see Beyonce.

I once camped out (yes camped overnight in the cold) with my best friend so that we could see Beyonce. By that, I mean see-see her.  Smack-bang front row, in the middle. Close enough to see her sweat drip down the sides of her face and catch-her-eye-distance.  

I loved her and her music, but I certainly wasn’t obsessed with her like my best friend was (she once bought 57 cases of Pepsi Max to enter a comp to win the chance to meet her in person. And yes she won that competition).

It wasn’t until this concert in 2013 I realised how truly extraordinary she is. I walked away that night in complete awe and I felt as if something inside of me shifted. 

Following famous inspirational people online was one thing but actually seeing them in the flesh, performing was completely differentThe energy, the excitement, the realness. 

It then clicked! I realised that this was why live concerts exist

It made me think, well what if others couldn’t perform like Beyonce but had other superpowers that changed the world? They need to be able to share their stories on stage, just like Bey. If we really want to share stories that ignite more than just inspiration - really create change - we need to be there and feel it.

And so, Run The World was born. (definitely no secret that it’s aptly named after Queen B’s iconic song.)

I mean, I don't know about you, but I believe an inspiring energy stirs within us when we surround ourselves with extraordinary women, sharing stories about what truly makes their hearts sing. 

We can see it in their eyes when they talk. We can hear it in their voice. We can feel it in everything they create. 

They express their truth in their own unique way, and when we get to hear their stories of how things came to be… we uncover that their dreams started manifesting into real life, long before what we see as their success today.

Now, this leads to uncovering our theme for Run The World this year: Manifestation.

Just as young Beyonce imagined here...

“I plan on, in the future, hopefully getting my record company and my own production company and manage like my Dad.”

At age 16 she was already manifesting the creation of Parkwood Entertainment, her record company that released her albums 4, BEYONCE and Lemonade.

There’s also no doubt in my mind that all the accolades, awards and the change she’s created the world over - all started with her visualising all the possibilities, which is the beginning of the manifestation process.

I invite you to come along to our Run The World and feel it. Not just hear the stories and be inspired but allow yourself to visualise all the possibilities. To feel that your inner Beyonce has been channelled and be ready to fiercely pursue what makes your heart sing.

Stay Peachy,

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Sheryl Thai, CEO
League of Extraordinary Women 

Sheryl Thai