Superstitious - turning your luck around


 it's Friday the thirteenth.

We’ve all been told that this day is unlucky as hell. Whether it’s through stories told, television or books, we’ve somehow inherited this knowledge.

There are some that believe it so much, that they are deathly afraid of going to work on Friday 13th, even opting to stay at home because it’s that bad. It’s been reported that there’s more accidents and catastrophes that happen on this day than on regular Fridays.

Lately, I’ve been sooooo fixated on how our minds create reality. 

I mean, have you ever been so worried about something bad happening that it actually did?

Or perhaps feeling like you’re stuck in a rut of bad luck, where it just feels like a never ending chain of mistakes and problems keep “appearing” in your life. You’re left screaming to the skies “WHY ME?!”.

We’ve all been in that place before. It seems like you can’t get a break. It just keeps piling on. 

And it’s hard in situations like these to accept what is happening and find the silver lining. In my honest experience, I know that it’s the only way to break through.

Like Friday the thirteenth, I wonder what would happen if we changed it to a day that represents Lucky Friday The Thirteenth? And we truly believed it. What type of miracles could it create?

Well the day isn’t over yet. Give it a go and see if something, anything lucky, will happen for you today.

I think it just might…and you know why? Because, when we seek the unlucky in today (or any day for that matter), we’ll find it. If we seek the lucky, we’ll find it.

P.S. This trick also happens on every other day.
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Stay Peachy!

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Sheryl Thai, CEO
League of Extraordinary Women

Sheryl Thai