3 ways to instantly become funnier

When was the last time you really laughed out loud?  Really LOL’ed until you had tears in your eyes and you could feel that stitch coming on?
We all have that one gem of a friend that can really crack us up. They just view the world differently and seem so effortlessly funny. 

What if I were to tell you, that you too, could be that person? 

Would you want to know how to be instantly funnier? 

I thought the answer would be yes. And nope I’m not going to ask for your liver in exchange for this secret formula to being funny. (Just send me a joke or a pun later and we’ll call it even)

I don’t know exactly when it happened that I became waaaay too serious, but one day I realised that I was missing out on all the jokes and I became this boring, too serious, “fun police”. (Fun police like to “shut down the fun”, in case you didn’t know)

Last year, I started hanging out with a new friend. She’s literally the funniest person I know. She could be eating an apple and she’d make it funny. She really taught me how to lighten up in life and really start enjoying those deep soulful laughs and I thought I'd share what I've learnt.

3 tips to being instantly funnier:

  1. Learn to laugh at yourself

One of my biggest fears in the past was that if I was silly or a little goofy, this meant I was being unprofessional and childish. Somehow this belief seeped into my everyday life and I found myself being too serious around my friends. If I accidentally burped out loud or pronounced a word weirdly, I used to get so embarrassed and turn red. These days, I’ve given myself permission to be silly and laugh at myself. If I accidentally burp a little too loudly, I’ll comment “Whoa, I can smell the burrito I had at lunch” whilst sniffing the air. If I trip over on stage, I’ll say to the crowd “Wow that was my worst nightmare coming true right there, it can only get better from here hey!"

  1. It’s all in the preambling

We all love a funny story but when we’re in mid-convos with our friends, it can be a little hard talking over each other. So the next time you want to get a good story going and the laughs rolling in, we have to focus on the preamble. There’s nothing worse than getting geared up to tell a story only to realise a quarter the way through, that no one is actually listening to you. So before you get your story started, capture the attention of your friends with a preamble. This can come in the form of… "Hey guys, I have the craziest story to share.”
*pause, and wait for friends eyebrows to perk up* 
“Seriously, I can’t even make this up” *pause*
“I just can’t wait to tell you" *all eyes on you, now you may proceed with story*

  1. Start laughing at every opportunity.

Find ways to start laughing. Why? Because laughter is contagious. The positive, fun energy will rub off on others. Soon when people start thinking of you, they'll remember fun, positive and laughter - which makes it all the easier to make other people laugh effortlessly. 

Let me know how you go. If you find you need a laugh in about 2 weeks time, I may or may not trip on stage at Run The World but best you be there for it!

Stay Peachy,

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Sheryl Thai, CEO
League of Extraordinary Women

Sheryl Thai