I can't deal with how inspiring this performance is.

It took Aljona Savchenko five Olympic Games, skating for two different countries, with three different partners and 16 years to eventually realise her dream of winning gold in PyeongChang.

I felt like I was a trance as I watched their gold medal performance this morning. The way they glided on the ice, through the air, with such precision, strength and sheer grace. My heart stopped a beat as they nailed their triple jumps. 

We witness his strength and balance when lifting her and we also see her complete trust and vulnerability as she soars through the air. If he were to stumble, she would feel the cold concrete ice on her face. Can you imagine how much more intense their training would have been, rather than going it alone?

Savchenko could easily have performed on her own. There is no doubt someone with her talent and grit could absolutely succeed at it. Yet, she decided to perform with a partner and I believe it served her well because it was only through a pairs figure skating performance did her absolute fullest potential shine through. 

It is one thing to see timing and perfection in an individual skater. It is another to see individuals combine their talents. They worked perfectly together and their strengths blended into a powerful gold medal performance that neither could have accomplished on their own. No solo skater could ever do what they did.

Like the skaters, we can do things together that we cannot do alone. Our strengths combine in ways that give us opportunities we would not have otherwise. This is why we have co-founders, business partners, mentors and collaborators.

Also, in light of Valentine’s Day, it made me think that romantic relationships are similar. When you’re with someone that can lift you, trust you, move in synchronistic ways with you - that’s magic taking place. You’re able to create a compelling future because you're giving each other the opportunities you require to reach your fullest potential.  How romantic right? 


“I never give up. I keep fighting.” And fight she did. Can you imagine how she felt at this moment when she knew she had given it her absolute all?  INSPIRING.

Stay peachy!

Sheryl Thai, CEO
League of Extraordinary Women