Member Name: Katherine Hawes

Business Name: New Age Legal Solutions ( Aquarius Lawyers)


Aquarius Lawyers has developed peace of mind legal packages for people of all ages.
This new initiative is called New Age Legal Solutions. It is an innovative, client-based legal service comes with absolutely no hidden charges, making it easier than ever for people from all walks of life, from all backgrounds, and in any stage of life to get the legal protection that they need for a variety of issues. People who have utilized legal services in the past already know how expensive it can be. Payment by the minute, or payment for every six minutes of service, can really add up. That, in turn, can lead to unexpectedly high bills on the part of the client, especially if they do not already know what to expect. Contact Katherine for a no obligation chat.

The new service from Aquarius Lawyers will allow clients to learn the price of the service that they are receiving up front. The people of Western Sydney may never worry about a surprise bill from their legal services ever again. Katherine Hawes of Aquarius Lawyers developed this innovative way of providing legal services after seeing many people in the area, which she has lived and worked in for forty years, express concern over the cost of consulting a lawyer. Many people are afraid to seek a lawyer’s services, even to ask a simple question, because they fear the potential costs. This can be a big problem, especially as a lawyer may be necessary for many different needs that people may face, especially in the case of planning and writing wills and powers of attorney.

Location: Sydney

State: NSW

Country: Australia

Phone Number : +61 (2) 8294 4117