Ana Slavka


Business: Mighty Purse
What? The purse that charges your phone. A fusion between fashion and technology, the handbag collection charges your phone while on the go

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Business Description: 
MightyPurse is an essential accessory for the woman with her finger on the pulse. A fusion between fashion and technology, the handbag collection charges your phone while on the go. Offered in a range of styles, colours and sizes, it’s technology is hidden, for you to stay connected without compromising style. Compatible with both Android and iPhone, simply slide your phone into the purse and recharge. Designed in Sydney Australia, MightyPurse is available online at and at selected stockists worldwide. 

How did the idea for your business first come about?  We use our smart phones for everything these days. Banking, shopping, social media and phone calls, we can’t live without them. From my own frustration of always running out of power by midday I thought other women must feel the same and I was ready to create something for them ( and myself). Who wants an ugly clunky power-bank falling around in their bag creating more chaos with cables getting caught up in all sorts of things? I saw an opportunity to create a fashionable but practical bag for women on the go, so they could charge their phone in style and never be left disconnected. 

When did you have a ‘f*ck-it moment’ and decide you were going to go all-in and start your business?

It was always my dream to run my own business and be my own boss, it was just a matter of coming up with an idea that I was passionate about. When I had the lightbulb moment and knew I was onto something.  It was like a force from within and nothing could hold me back. Especially once women like me confirmed they wanted and needed the product. Instead of looking for the solution, I decided to create it.

What were some major challenges you had when starting your business? And how did you overcome them?   There were several. Where do I start? 

1) One major challenge was when sales were going through the roof. We had a huge shipment just before Christmas, of which more than half were already pre-sold. As customers received their delivery, we realised that there was a fault in the batch and the purses would only charge iPhones and not Samsung. We had to recall a lot of stock. This can happen when a company grows too fast and things can fall through the cracks. That was a real ‘ouch’ moment. Luckily most customers were understanding and supportive. 

2) Setting up teams overseas that work for us remotely has been challenging too. Having been self-employed and free-lancing all my life, employing staff was something I had never done before. I didn’t even know how to conduct an interview and what questions to ask and to be honest I still don’t know.

What I learned by employing people, that it’s not all about what is written on a resume but what is in your gut ( not your head) when you meet that person. But most importantly to actually listen to that feeling.  

What has been your biggest “pinch me” moment? The first few months of launching, the Mighty Purses were literally flying out the doors. I never expected in my wildest dreams for the Mighty Purse to take off so quickly and to such extent. After doing trade-show after trade-show all around the world for 2-3 Months non stop, my husband and I returned to our home office and we were not able to keep up with demand. 

We literally had to employ 4 extra people immediately and sit them in our kitchen and living room without training ( there was no time for that) just to be able to cope with phone calls and orders coming in. It was so stressful but also very pinch-able as this was my dream and it was unfolding in front of my eyes, but much too fast. Be careful what you wish for.  (We do have a decent office now by the way.)


Starting a business can be gruelling - what keeps you motivated, and keeps you going? 
My husband, my daughter and a good laugh with my great team. I also love what I do, so it’s easy to show up every day. 


How do you create a work-life balance? What’s that? No just joking. I try and keep my hours 9am – 6pm weekdays only. 

I think it is important to take time out and reflect. I need time for exercise ( yoga and HIT training) and to catchup with friends, to stay sane.

We invest a lot in employing the right people, so I can share the load with my team and focus on what I do best. 


 Words of Wisdom / Personal Quote:  Don’t rest on your laurels.