Thanks for your expression of interest to become a League Ambassador in your city. Here’s a quick overview on what you would need to do if you are appointed this role.

The role of an Ambassador would be to assist with the coordination of these Meet Up events:

1. VENUE: Find a venue that is easily accessible in your city (CBD, surrounding suburbs)

2. FREQUENCY: Every 6 weeks, maybe more depending on feedback from your community.

3. ATTEND: Attend the events approx 15 mins early to set up League banner, welcome attendees, check them in and facilitate connections and conversations between members. The most important part is to meet every member and see how you can introduce the shy people to other members.  

4. SPEAKERS: Coordinating a speaker to speak at each event.

5. ENERGY: Bring energy to the League. We're a firm believer of the more you give the more you get in return. An integral part of being an Ambassador is to be generous in being present at the events, being aware of your surroundings and seeing how you can connect people. I think of it as being a "matchmaker" for entrepreneurs, for example if I know someone is looking for a graphics designer and there's a member that has a graphics design agency I'll make an effort to introduce the two. It's better to over introduce - meaning if they already know each other great, no harm in reconnecting them.

6. TIME: Ideally, The League will not hinder your own business or create too much 'admin' work for you at all. If anything, it should add value to your business. I do recommend setting aside 1-2 hours a week to use The League to connect with League members in your city, find a venue, connect with potential speakers.

7. CONNECT: As an Ambassador, there will be many women that will be curious about the League and what the League is about and will often get in contact with you to learn more about it and how it all works. They may ask you face to face at events or they may call/email you. It is expected that you are able to positively promote the League to them and of course if there is any negative feedback, you can direct these back to Head Office. We can provide you with more information about the benefits of the League so that you can help with these questions, if you are unable to answer them, by all means direct them to me.

8. SUB COMMITTEE: You may have a sub-committee of 2-3 people to assist with your role and if you are travelling they are able to organise the meet up.

Benefits of an Ambassador :

  • An eDM announcement of your role as an Ambassador to our database. A short bio on your story and business with links to your website, social media, LinkedIn.

  • You will be profiled on our website with links to your website, social media, LinkedIn

  • Opportunity to submit a blog post on a topic to share your experience as an Entrepreneur

  • Free ticket to Run The World Conference

  • Free membership to League for the duration of your tenure

We look forward to chatting to you in further detail.

Sheryl Thai, CEO | League of Extraordinary Women